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February 11, 2009

Dream Journal Entry #1

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dream_a_zPeople have been telling me for years to start a dream journal because my dreams are so messed up, so now I am going to start blogging my dreams when I remember them.



I was a new employee in a cupcake store and had to make 5 different batches of cupcakes with different flavorings and colors.  I was trying to make the dough, and I just couldn’t get the consistency right and it kept coming out green and hard as a rock.  So these cupcakes were going to be judged by a school and we needed them done by the end of the day.  I eventually ended up stuffing pretzel rods with the cake batter and making a cupcake snow mountain and snow lift.  It was weird.  

Then I was taking a bath and I broke it, and because I broke the bathtub I had to sleep out in the streets…. So then I am sleeping in the streets and scared because I kept being awoken by homeless people.  My purse was stolen, and the plank of wood I was sleeping on.  Then my friend Matt came along and woke me up, threw money at me and then left in his limo.  

angelina-brad-and-shilohThen I was with Caitlin and we were in line to get into this special disney store.  While in line, we saw Brad Pitt and his kids being ushered by gun point into the underground store.  Then we finally got in and we spent hours in the candy section.  Then it turned out that the disney store had all these different departments underground and each hallway had a different water fountain and entertaining display.  In each there was a famous person playing a piano such as Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson etc.


Then we walked into the toy section and they sold my green pillow! (I sleep with a green pillow that is basically dying and it needs to be replaced).  So I got one and then left the store.  

Then it changed and I was with Brittany and her friend and we were trying to find where we parked.  So we were literally running around this MASSIVE place with thousands of car park levels.  I basically had a break down.  Then we found the car, and some crazy girl crashed into me and got out  to try and blame me.  However, when she got out, Ellen Degeneres came over and started singing and dancing to make us happy and not fight.  


Then my dream changed again and I was on a game show like Gladiator.  I was dressed in a huge padded hockey-like outfit and had to jump through this obstacle course with trampoline floors.  I was being chased by another big man in the same outfit and I had to jump on these big buttons to put up shields to stop him from getting me and beating me up.  It was scary!


And yes…if my computer hadn’t crashed, I would have used my photoshop to put my face on his body because it would be so funny.

So…those were my dreams just from last night!


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