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February 12, 2009

Dream Journal Entry #2

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dreams02Ok…another night of weird shit going on in my head…

So I was at a Christmas party and someone who will remain nameless got me all these really crazy religious gifts (no not Big Daddy…).  Not only a ton of religious gifts, but bags of movies and these crazy film viewers inside ornaments that could be strung up on trees.  Then, I got 2 perfectly wrapped gifts by mail from Ismail who I haven’t spoken to in over a year.  One was a black and white photography book about muslim men (he’s not muslim) and then a framed photograph of my dad and I when I was in England.  Then, the book started to come to life and these very scary images began to flash on the screen.6a00d8345157d569e200e54f497a518833-800wi

Then, I had a dream that my hair line was receding like a mans…


Then my dream changed (no surprise there) and I was running around this town trying to catch up with Josh because he had my cellphone.  Finally, we ended up stopping in a gas station so that I could use the bathroom but the bathroom was just a toilet seat behind the counter. So I was trying to use the bathroom, but the man was starring at me.  Then Shawn Hamill from like 7th grade came out of no where buying candy and laughing at me.


cimg7532Then my dream changed an I was running around the streets of China or India.  First I was with Allyson, and we were on this long thin strip of land surrounded by dirty water.  The floor was made of berries…so we pranced through the berries and ate them.  Then I was with Caitlin, and we were trying to get out of this place.  So she said she had a relative with a boat.  So we crept along the canal and found her uncles boats sitting on the river.  We jumped in and tried to leave but couldn’t.  Then I was with her sister and her mother (Caitlin) and we were inside the house being lectured that it would take 6 months by canoe to cross the little canal due to the weather.  Then a cat jumped out and her mother tried to eat it.  

THEN I was in a really really nice house underground and I needed the bathroom.  So I went to the bathroom but I clogged the toilet.  Then Allyson came and helped me run away…then I woke up REALLY needing to pee (I guess this is why I had so many bathroom dreams…or am I subconsciously reverting back to my anal toilet training stage Freud?).


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  1. I am crying with laughter right now…

    Comment by Caitlin — February 12, 2009 @ 3:44 pm | Reply

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