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March 4, 2009

Sunrise – Film Review

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sunrise2Plot: In this fable-morality subtitled “A Song of Two Humans”, the “evil” temptress is a city woman who bewitches farmer Anses and convinces him to murder his neglected wife, Indre. After Anses comes to his senses – just as he is about to kill Indre – the married couple renew their love in the city

sunrise1So I am excited to announce that after viewing this film I officially only have 1 more film on the AFI 100 Greatest Films of All Time List!  I have been working on this list since senior year of high school…yes, it has taken that long! However, the last film to watch is Intolerance…and I think the title describes how I feel about watching it. 

Anyway, I was unable to view Sunrise until now because it wasn’t on DVD.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I always wasn’t exactly excited to see it seeming I had never heard of it before either.  However, I loved it.  It was beautiful, well acted, happy, sad, thrilling, and also really fantastic production value despite its time.  sunrise_l

The film was directed by the fabulous F.W. Murnau (Nosferatu) and released in 1927 staring George O’Brien (husband), Janey Gaynor (wife), and Margaret Livingston (Woman from City).  Janet Gaynor won the oscar in 1929 for best Actress and the film also won for Best Cinematography (its outstanding for its time) and Best Picture at the first Oscars ever!  The film is now listed at #82 on the 100 Greatest Film Lists and in 2002 critic’s’ poll for the British Film Institute, Sunrise was named the 7th best film in the history of motion pictures.  

sunrise-500Basically, I recommend this for anyone who wants to watch a good love story and doesn’t mind silent films…it’s worth it I promise.  I was hooked.  

I give this film **** stars!


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