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April 6, 2009

The Russian Tea Room

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This weekend Melissa Wiley came to visit me! It was very, very exciting and we had a fabulous time!  On friday night we went to see the Monsters Vs. Aliens IMAX (again), then tried to go to the Tribeca, but it was guest list only.  So, we had a few drinks in the far east village, then went to bed.  Saturday we had a busy morning and then went to The Russian Tea Room!


I had been wanting to go to this restaurant since I got to the city because it’s so famous (Tootsie!), however, I just never made it.  Well, we got all dressed up and went.  The actually place was really awesome because its SO over the top and looks like something straight out of a Russian mafia movie.  There are 4 levels, the first is for the main dinners, then its mostly private functions and weddings upstairs.  However…check out the second floor with the bear ice sculpture, insane!


Our service was awesome, we had a great bottle of wine, but the food wasn’t half as good as it should have been for the price.  Slightly disappointing.  However, the overall experience was awesome.  I don’t know if I will be going back anytime soon, but, it was awesome.


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