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May 20, 2009

Angels and Demons (2009) – Film Review

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Angels-Demons-movie-01Plot: Despite his notorious relationship with the Church, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is once again called upon to decipher the clues to a catastrophic conspiracy. The Pope has died, and before conclave can begin to determine his successor, the four preferitti (primary hopefuls for the papacy) are kidnapped. An ominous threat of their hourly demise, along with the complete annihilation of Vatican City, is issued as an elaborate revenge scheme for a persecuted group known as the Illuminati. With their meager time limit steadily counting down, Langdon, accompanied by beautiful physicist Vittoria Vetra, must travel throughout Rome to unravel the carefully hidden signs that will lead them to a terrifying adversary, a harrowing discovery, and the shocking truth.

U.S. actor Tom Hanks (2nd L)) and Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer (L) work on the set of the movie "Angels And Demons" at the Pantheon on June 9, 2008 in Rome, Italy.Let me just start by saying…I LOVED the book and was VERY excited about this film.  However, I was very disappointed.  Let me just put it this way, the book was incredibly dense and could be very confusing to explain.  Ron Howards tried very hard to make the plot simplistic, but it definitely did not work.  I had read the book, and was still confused by the movie.  I went with my friend Allyson and she also had read the book and was totally confused.  I was also very disapointed that he left out a few really exciting plot twists, but I guess the film would have been way too long and even more confusing.  

I highly, highly, highly recommend you read the book before seeing the film.  The book was phenomenal, I even liked it better than the Da Vinci Code.  I give the movie 2/5 stars.  

Ps. This really did bring back memories of my wonderful trip to Rome 🙂



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  1. Ps. This really did bring back memories of my wonderful trip to Rome … with Mel.

    Comment by Mel — May 20, 2009 @ 2:58 pm | Reply

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