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April 23, 2009

Funny Animal Video of the Week

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I don’t know why…but this just makes me laugh. 


April 22, 2009

Animal of the Week – Nasalis Larvatus (Long-nosed Monkey)

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photoNasalis larvatus also known as Long-nosed Monkey is a reddish-brown arboreal Old World monkey. It is the only species in monotypic genus Nasalis.

The most distinctive trait of this monkey is the male’s large protruding nose. The purpose of the large nose is unclear, but it has been suggested that it is a result of sexual selection. The female Proboscis Monkey prefers big-nosed male, thus propagating the trait.

Males are much larger than females, reaching 72 cm (28 inches) in length, with an up to 75 cm tail, and weighing up to 24 kg (53 pounds). Females are up to 60 cm long, weighing up to 12 kg (26 lb).

proboscissabahThe Proboscis Monkey also has a large belly, as a result of its diet. Its digestive system is divided into several parts, with distinctive gut flora, which help in digesting leaves. This digestive process releases a lot of gas, resulting in the monkey’s “bloated” bellies. A side-effect of this unique digestive system is that it is unable to digest ripe fruit, unlike most other simians. The diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds and leaves.

It is listed as endangered.

This monkey is so strange looking…I mean, it looks human!  Creepy…

April 14, 2009


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This is from

obamadogForget about hunting for Easter eggs. The president’s daughters have a much better treat in store this holiday weekend: a new dog! 

After months of anticipation, a 6-month-old Portuguese Water Dog named Bo is now calling the White House home. 

First, the name. According to The Washington Post, which published confirmation of the White House dog news Sunday, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, chose the name because their cousins have a cat named Bo and because Mrs. Obama’s father was nicknamed Diddley, as in Bo Diddley. The dog is a gift from Sen. Ted Kennedy, who owns three dogs of the same breed, known for high spirits and said to be a good fit for kids with allergies (such as Malia). Kennedy had been lobbying the Obamas to get a Portuguese Water Dog (or PWD) for months. 

president-barack-obama-pe-0011Top Secret Meeting

The newspaper reports that the Obama girls are delighted – they’ve been waiting anxiously since their dad promised them a dog during his presidential campaign – and that the family, first-time dog owners, are still deciding where Bo will sleep and who will walk and feed him. Under a veil of secrecy, the Post reports, Bo actually made a trip to the White House earlier to meet the family. “The Meeting,” as it was called by staffers, was a success. 

But the highly-orchestrated canine delivery procedure didn’t go without a few hitches. 

portugesecloverFirst, news began to circulate that a Portuguese Water Dog by the name of Charlie had been selected for the First Family after a Web site called posted the information, and a photo, Saturday. The White House called the photo “bogus” and told news organizations (including PEOPLE) that the First Dog would make its debut Tuesday – although Bo, it is now apparent, was already at the White House over the weekend. 

Dogged by Questions


Then there are the questions about the dog’s origins that are sure to bedevil the Administration. The Obamas originally discussed rescuing a dog from a shelter. But valuable and highly-bred PWDs rarely show up at shelters. Bo is said to have lived with a family that decided not to keep him, but that won’t likely satisfy animal rescue advocates who wanted the Obamas to take in a stray. 

To help ease disappointment, according to The Post, the family will make a donation to the District of Columbia Humane Society. 

portuguese_water_dog_9r023d-128A. Who cares if the dog is purebreed…that’s what they wanted.

B. My mum and I read somewhere that this breed is NOT recommended for first time dog owners…

C. It is kinda cute!

And I feel the same way I do about poodles, they look much better not shaved and cut to look like Lions or whatever.

Animal of the Week – Angora Rabbit

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The Angora rabbit is a variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft hair. The Angora is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in Ankara, Turkey, along with the Angora cat and Angora goat. The rabbits were popular pets with French royalty in the mid 1700s, and spread to other parts of Europe by the end of the century. They first appeared in the United States in the early 1900s. They are bred largely for their long wool, which may be removed by shearing or plucking (gently pulling loose wool).

angora_rabbit-1There are many individual breeds of Angora rabbits, four of which are ARBA recognized. Such breeds include, French, German, Giant, English, Satin, Chinese, Swiss, Finnish, to name a few.

Something interesting:

When I went to the Dachau concentration camp in Germany last year, they told us that Hitler used to breed Angora Rabbits on the camp sites to use for bedding and jackets for his Nazi workers.  Interesting…


Enjoy my latest photoshop endeavor (yes, I got it back!)


Animal Video of the Week

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This is a random video of a Welsh corgi puppy.  Its ADORABLE! I want its little legs!

April 13, 2009

Woman Attacked by Polar Bear!?

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I admit to stealing this from Melissa, but come on, it’s too good not to show!  

artpolarbearBERLIN, Germany (CNN) — A polar bear attacked a woman at Berlin Zoo Friday afternoon after she climbed a fence and jumped into its habitat during feeding time, police said Saturday.

One adult polar bit her several times after she plunged into the moat, police said.

Zoo workers tossed rescue rings toward the woman to hoist her out and distract polar bears swimming nearby, said Goerg Gebhard, a Berlin police officer.

At one point the woman fell back into the water and was grabbed by a bear before she was eventually hoisted to safety.

“They saved her life,” Gebhard told CNN.

The woman was severely injured and was being treated at a hospital, police said.

It’s unclear why the woman entered the bear habitat, but police issued her a citation for trespassing.

Berlin Zoo is home to Knut, the first polar bear to be born there in over 30 years. The bear became a huge talking point in Germany when his mother gave birth to him in December 2006.

CNN’s David Ariosto contributed to this report.

And here is an added video of them trying to lift the moron out of the water.  I want to know what her problem was…suicide attempt? Idiot? Mentally unstable?

April 12, 2009

The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986) – Film Review

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Plot: The story of two animals and their adventures. Milo, the cat, and Otis, the dog, are two animals who grew up together on the same farm. One day, the two are separated and begin a journey to find each other. The adventurous, and often perilous quest finds the two animals traveling across mountains, plains, and snow-covered lands searching for one another

41ftmovie2This was such a treat! I don’t know what made me think to watch this movie…but I didn’t remember it, so I decided to watch it seeming it had a cute cat and puppy.  Anyway, it was a fabulous surprise.  If you haven’t seen this film since you were a kid…GO WATCH IT AGAIN!  Here are some things I didn’t know as a kid:

The film is actually Japanese and was re-edited and narrated a few years after its release for English audiences.

It’s narrated by none other than Dudley Moore!!!!!!!

It took 4 years to acquire all the amazing footage.

The director was a documentary filmmaker…thats why the film looks the way it does with a voiceover.  

The sad thing is…supposedly there was some animal cruelty and maybe up to 20 kittens were killed in the making.  But is that surprising?  They had dogs riding turtles, cats falling from cliffs, cats fighting real bears…I mean, the footage was amazing, but also pretty deadly.

Anyway, I am choosing to ignore the animal cruelty rumors because the film itself is absolutely fantastic.

Loved it…recommend it to everyone, 4/5 stars.

April 8, 2009

Animal of the Week – Dumbo Octopus

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06_05The octopuses of the genus Grimpoteuthis are sometimes nicknamed “Dumbo octopuses” from the ear-like fins protruding from the top of their “heads” (actually bodies), resembling the ears of Walt Disney’s flying elephant. They are benthic creatures, living at extreme depths, and are some of the rarest of the Octopoda species.

They hover above the sea floor, searching for worms, bivalves, pelagic copepods, and other crustaceans. They move by pulsing their arms, shooting water through their funnel, or by waving their ear-like fins. They can use each of these techniques separately or all simultaneously. The males and females are different in their size and sucker patterns. The females lay eggs consistently, with no distinct breeding season.


Again, I couldn’t find much…I just liked the look of them!

Animal Video of the Week

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This is the funniest video of a Tasier.  Although the video says its a Lemur, they are wrong.  I actually adopted one of these for Brittany for her Christmas gift…they are like Ferbies…

April 7, 2009

Weekend With Mel In Pictures

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Mel and I at IMAX 3D!

Mel and I at IMAX 3D!


Russian Tea Room

Russian Tea Room






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