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May 31, 2009

Britains Got Talent – Finale

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Let me just say that this season of BGT has just been phenominal…not only has the American press been all over Susan Boyle, but it also had a child breakdown!

The following are some of the best videos from the finale:

And the winner was…..Diversity!  Don’t worry, Susan Boyle came 2nd!!!  I was very happy about this decision 🙂

Also, here is what everyone has been debating…should children be allowed to compete…check out what happened to Hollie in the semi-final:


May 25, 2009

Britains Got Talent Semi Finals 2

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The second night of semi finals continued this evening and all I can say is…SO disappointing.  I really wasn’t impressed with any of the acts…however, here you have them:

1. DJ Talent

2. Merlin Cadogan

3. Hot Honeyz 

4. Jamie Pugh

5. Peter Goghian

6. Gareth Oliver

7. Shaun Smith

8. Flawless


Biggest disappointment was Jamie Pugh…I was rooting for him.

Britains Got Talent Semi Final 1

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Well, the first night of the semi finals kicked off yesterday with a good show…8 contestants battled for 2 spots in the finale (1 voted in by audience, and 1 by judges).  Here are the performances/line ups…

1. Diversity:

2. Sue Son

3. Darth Jackson

4. Natalie Okri

5. Julia Naidenko

6. Nick Hell

7. Faces of Disco

8. Susan Boyle

And the Results:

After watching the show I totally agree with the results.  My biggest disappointment was Susan Boyle…the poor woman had SO much pressure, she looked terrified, and she didn’t perform well.  At least she will have another shot, because we all know she can sing.   Diversity, however, was the winner for me…hands down.

Britains Got Talent Episode 7

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Episode 7 basically took the 200 finalists and narrowed them down to the top 40 performers that will be performing live this week!  I was happy with most of the decisions made…now here is the best thing from this episode…

May 21, 2009

Britains Got Talent Episode 6

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Again, here are my highlights from episode 6:

This is just adorable…

This girl is great…I hope she does become a diva!

And dare I say it…I think hes better than George Sampson if not just as good!

Britains Got Talent – Episode 5

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I am behind on Britains Got Talent…so here is some catch up…  Here’s the best of episode 5:

This was a complete and total…shocker:

I REALLY enjoy this young kids voice…its so mature!

This has to be one of the worst/best auditions…ever:

May 4, 2009

Britains Got Talent Episode 4 Highlights

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And another week has gone by!  Britains Got Talent really is one of the best shows…what the hell was America thinking when they tried to recreate this masterpiece without Ant and Dec!

1st Favorite Video: This guy is so awesome.  Factory worker by day/pizza guy by night.  He is really really nervous, but the emotion he brings into this song is unbelievable. 

2nd Favorite Video: This girl first auditioned with a friend who played keyboard and was horrible.  She came back…and blew them all away.

And lastly…this kid’s performance isn’t great, but you can tell he is going to be a star! Ps. I used to sing this song better as a kid!

April 26, 2009

Britains Got Talent 2009 – Episode 3

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God I love this show!!!!

This girl was so great…such a surprise!

And my second favorite from the episode…a dance troop! Usually I don’t like dance groups, but these guys are awesome, and Ashley is HOT!

April 19, 2009

Britains Got Talent Episode 2

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This saxophone player is good…his act isn’t too exciting, but hes awesome.

This is just…weird:

This little boy is fantastic:

April 17, 2009


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I found this on a film minutes ago…all I can say is wow.  Susan Boyle is actually better than I thought (which I didn’t know was possible).  Everybody must listen to this!

This recording is from 1999 of Cry Me a River.  This was a rendition she did for her local charity newspaper in Scotland.  How was she not discovered before?!  Probably her looks…?

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