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April 28, 2009

Brideshead Revisited (2008) – Film Review

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Plot: The memoirs of Captain Charles Ryder who is stationed at Brideshead Castle during WWII and remembers his involvement with the owners of the Brideshead estate: the aristocratic yet Catholic Flyte family and in particular brother and sister Sebastian and Julia.

arts-graphics-2008_1186294aBefore watching this film I did as everyone told me…I tried to watch the original PBS mini-series with Jermey Irons.  Although the mini-series was interesting, I didn’t get past the first 3 episodes (I think there were 12) due to its very slow build up.  The most shocking thing for me was the heavily underlying tones of sexuality between the two main characters.  I couldn’t make out whether Sebatian was gay or not.  However, the film cleared that up.

The film took a huge risk by putting it blatantly that Sebastian was a gay man struggling with his love for Charles.  The book and mini-series never specifically say that Sebastian in gay, but the movie made it abundantly clear.  I found this to be better because then some of Sebastian’s strange behavior was accountable…like carrying around a stuffed teddy bear.  

The film was beautiful and was actually very well done for a remake/ 2 hour adaption of a 13 hour mini series.  I found that Matthew Goode did a superb job as Charles in place of Jeremy Irons, however, the actor who played Sebastian I found highly disappointing.  All I can really say after watching this film is…Matthew Goode is gorgeous.  I feel in love with him when I first saw Chasing Liberty as a young teenager, and now, I am even more in love with him.

I recommend this film for people who have either seen the mini-series/read the book.  I also recommend it for people who like period pieces and hot men…I give this film a 3/5 stars.  

Below is a picture from the original (note the teddy bear).












And below this, note a little video of my love Matthew Goode…


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