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May 18, 2009

Tisch Graduation 2009!

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Graduation was great!  The family came up to the city and we attended the Tisch School of the Arts graduation ceremony at Madison Square Garden.  Whoopi Goldberg was the speaker and she was AWESOME!  She didn’t give us some happy go lucky speech, she actually told it how it is and was hilarious.  The graduation was about 2 and a half hours and had about 1300 graduates.  They don’t announce names seeming there are far too many…we were just honored.


Graduation Ceremony...

Graduation Ceremony...



We didn’t go to the main graduation because there were 12,000 graduates plus family at Yankees stadium and it would have been a nightmare.  Instead, we went to see Star Trek IMAX!  Here is a picture of the main graduation were Hilary Clinton was the speaker…this was the view from just her seat…


Ps. I did pass my Psych class…got my first C, but at least I passed! I got a duel degree in Cinema Studies and Psychology! 


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