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April 21, 2009

Courtney Mack’s Future

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So as many of you know, I have lately been trying to figure out what to do with my life after graduation.  Right now its one big mess.

I was someone who always knew what they wanted to do: film, film, film.  However, as graduation day quickly approaches I am beginning to realize that perhaps I am bored with film.  Recently I have found myself more willing to pick up a book than watch a movie, more willing to go out to the theater than the cinema etc. etc.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have an undying passion for cinema and always will.  However, I am starting to think more practically.  

I have been advised by many that I should stay in school as long as possible.  Part of me agrees, but part of me doesn’t.  My original dream was to go to the best undergraduate school I could for film and then transfer to NYU for their film masters degree.  I was accepted to University of Rochester but decided to give NYU a shot.  So, I applied to the Tisch Undergraduate program during my Freshman year and actually got in.  Once I transfered, I began to realize that my highest academic dream was already achieved…what would I do next?  Well, everyone in the film business knows, you don’t go to grad school…you get experience.  

So, I focused all my time and energy on film, writing, and internships.  I was lucky enough to get fantastic hands on experience with Stonewall Video, a great name with MTV, and an added internship with Strand Creative Group.  My resume looks awesome…for film.  

The most surprising thing I found while at Rochester was that I loved Psychology.  I excelled in the classes, I found the topic fascinating, so I decided to double major.  When I got to NYU I continued this major, however, it turned out to be highly focused on clinical research (not my cup of tea).  Needless to say, I slid by in all my psych classes so far with Bs.  Right now I actually have a C- in my last class and will not be graduating with the second degree unless I pull it up to a solid C (at NYU, a C is needed to pass).  

Anyway, I have been applying to several jobs and starting to realize that I really don’t like my internship.  I have worked so hard in this career field and am starting to realize that I am bored.  This is such a shitty life, with such shitty pay and as much as I like it, I am more ambitious than this.

So far all that has been decided is that after graduation I will be returning back to Maryland to work for Stonewall Video until I find a more permanent job.  I will also be training with the Mental Health Association as to be able to volunteer as a suicide hotline helper.  

I am someone that can’t settle for something that isn’t good enough, can’t wait around without a plan or goal, so I have a new goal…

1. Finish classes this semester.  More specifically pass psychology and get the double major.

2. Go home and relax for a bit.

3. Start training for Suicide hotline

4. Start work at Stonewall Video

5. Study my ass off for the GREs

6. Study my ass off for the Psychology GREs

7. Take the GREs

8. Apply to the University of Rochester Medical Center of Psychiatry Masters program for a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy.

9. Pray that I get in.

The reality of me being accept to this program is very small, but, it’s something to work towards for the rest of the year.  Basically, during all of this I will continue apply to film jobs, working etc. and IF I do get in, I will go for their year long program.

It upsets me that I have worked so hard at film…almost straight As in Tisch, 3 interships etc….and now I am looking at Psych, which I of course ignored and got Bs and B-s and didn’t have any internships.  

Things will work out.  I am lucky enough to have a passion for both film and psych, and also learning.  As long as I am working hard towards a goal, I am happy.  

Please let me know what you think…I need some opinions.  Here is the program:

University Program



April 20, 2009

Why I Love Psychology…

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We just watched this in my class…pretty interesting.  Skip the first minute.

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